Research shows that sleep deprivation frequently makes you brainless, irritable, confused, obese, along with many other symptoms that you will not be pleased hearing it, despite the fact that sleep is essential, science has not discovered the cause yet, however Sleep is very important for our comfort, it is disturbing to get less than the normal hours of sleep that you need after a hard day of work, and worse yet is the inability to fall asleep fast, some people suffer from this despite the fatigue that they feel, in this article we will guide you to a number of ways that you can follow to fall asleep really fast.

1- Turn off all electrical appliances, when approaching the evening and sunlight starts to disappear, the human body secretes hormones urging it to enter into a state of drowsiness more and more with the darkness of night, and as a result you feel tired and ready to crawl to your bed to sleep. But sitting in front of a laptop or tablet, or even watching TV or playing video games late at night, will deprive your body of the composition of these hormones, which will make you stay awake throughout the night, the problem lies in these radioactive-screen devices, so if you want to sleep quickly, stay away from these devices for at least an hour before bedtime.

You might ask this question: “what I should do before bedtime?” The answer is simple, you can practice many radiation-free lighting activities, such as reading, or writing, or listening to an audio book or a lecture (use an old mp3 device or iPod for this purpose), and other things.

2- Take a warm bath, raising your body temperature will accelerate the sleepy feeling and will make the trip to get a deep sleep possible. Only take a warm bath for half an hour before your bedtime.

For best results, be sure that the water temperature is above 38 degrees Celsius, while the water of moderate temperatures will not give you the same interest.
Bathing in the bathtub is better to relax, it is important that you enjoy warm water for twenty minutes at least.

3- Make your bedroom cool, cool room and warm skin are the best formula to sleep quickly, adjust room temperature to 18 degrees Celsius or less. In fact, the cold air urges the body to sleep and prevents sweating during the night. In addition, sleeping in a cold room will make you embrace near objects (blanket or cushion; for example), this movement will help dramatically to get rid of anxiety and stress.

4- You should turn off the lights, high-lighting in general, whether electric or lighting devices inside your home is considered as a major disincentive to sleep, the problem is that they trick the body and make it believe that the time is still too early to sleep, as we said earlier, bright lighting reduces the secretion of your body hormones which help to enter into a state of drowsiness, for this reason, switch off the lights around you when approaching your sleep time, do not forget to take down the blinds for additional darkness.

If you want to read a book or write something before going to bed, it is better to use a book light (you can find it on instead of the office lamp or overhead lighting of the room, so that the light of a book light has no big influence on the body hormones because it is not so bright.

5- Read a book, reading is considered a great way to get rid of stress; it also helps your mind to get away from thinking about the complex events of the day. It is important to choose a book that you like, do read it just before you go to sleep. Avoid scary and action stories, it could have the opposite effect (it could make you awake for a long time).

6- Write, if you find that the ideas and events during the day jump to your head, it is better to empty that by typing it on a notebook, type every note happened to you during your day, or any event (bad ones and good ones), express your feelings and ideas that you keep deep in your heart and brain, this method is effective to turn off your brain and get a deep sleep free of ideas and bad dreams.

7- What about having a warm drink before going to sleep? Sipping a warm drink will make you feel relaxed; avoid drinks that contain caffeine, drink something warm and sweet at the same time, try drinking a glass of warm milk with honey, or a cup of mint tea or chamomile. You can have your drink while reading a book, or writing on a notebook, after that, you will be completely ready to sleep quickly.

8- Change your position; sleeping on your back causes airway obstruction, which often leads to the issuance of the sound of snoring, it is better to sleep on one of your sides so as to avoid this problem. 

9- Choose a comfortable pillow, the perfect way to sleep is to keep the neck in a straight position with the body, and put a small pillow between your knees to keep your hips at a normal status. 
Studies show that sleeping on a medium-sized pillow led to improved sleep experience for a lot of people, why? Because the pillow should support your head and neck, not to raise them up or lower them down.

10- Visit a specialist, if you suffer from a chronic insomnia, it is better to consult a specialist, the doctor has the ability to accurately diagnose your condition; he may describe a suitable treatment for your condition.

Thank you for reading!